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Company Profile

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Hebei Huierxin New Materials Co., Ltd.

Hebei Huierxin New Materials Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and provincial-level contract-abiding unit. In 2000, we obtained the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Our total assets is around RMB1,000,000,000, and the products include titanium-based materials, and plastic materials etc.

The company currently occupies 500 acres, with a total investment of more than RMB800,000,000. As of 2012, we have formed stable production capacity, with 50,000 tons/year for fiber grade delustering agent, 20,000 tons/year for SCR catalyst.The domestic market share of our fiber grade delustering agent reached 60%, which terminated the situation that domestic made fiber grade delustering agent cannot be applied to polyester production.Titanium-based materials for SCR catalysts are also widely used by domestic downstream users--- honeycomb and plate SCR catalyst plants, and our company is the catalyst supplier to the five largest power generation groups in China. Meanwhile, our company has constantly increased the intensity of new product R&D, and gradually developed into a specialized production base for high-end, specific titanium based materials.


The company’s plastic material products have won the Provincial Outstanding New Product Award and the Provincial Light Industry Gold Award. We have equipped 17 domestic advanced twin-screw production lines with an annual production capacity of over 30,000 tons. With popularization and application, we have established a good and stable cooperative relationship with more than 70% telecommunication optical cable manufacturers all over the country.

We are willing to look forward to the presence and guidance of all guests with the best product quality, the most reasonable price and the best after-sales service.

Tel:+86-319-5850299 Fax:+86-319-5850081

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Hebei Huierxin New Materials Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86-319-5850299              Fax:+86-319-5850081
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